Myung Kim
The paper over the adhesive is convenient to use,I am satisfied with the result, it's unbelievable there are so much toxin in my body, more energy and not so tired after using it. amazing products for sale.
Mikaella Moura
I used the food pads to be recomended my friends, my body was always aches and pains due to the busy work.I ordered online and delivered my order so quickly, relief my aches gradually now, I will continue to apply it.
Paulina Garcia
I have used this kind of detox for 2 years.The main key is that they are KINOKI Detox Foot Pads.This product is such a good deal it's hard to complain.the effect of using KINOKI is obvious and lasting.
Priscila Cipriano
Excellent products and great also in conjunction with your detox program.I have been using them about once or twice every month and they really do work.thanks very much.
Deborah Santos
I have noticed the much difference after using the detox food pads.I was not so weary after working and had more energy to go face skin was more ruddy and slippy.Great brand works really good.
leslie Francis
These foot patches are helpful, I can see the removed toxin on the pad the next's worthy of my money to buy. absoluately effective.Give you 5 stars.
Kristy Stewart
These work pretty well.Love my pads use them at least 4 times one week! the pads do turn black when I start using them and eventually they get lighter.
Christine Johnston
Thanks for your professional package,I get my parcel and begin to try from this night.expecting the good result with apply the foot pads to remit my fatigue.
Harwinder kaur
The adhesive do stick very well,they work pretty well, as far as successfully easing swelling/pain/fatigue.seems not so much toxin in my body,so I will reduce the dosage with once a week.Great value for price.
Tina M Hickman
it really cleans toxins from my body, it's a little nausea after see the black pad but I am happy they help to sweat the toxins out.continue to order on your site after using my last box.
Elizabeth King
I really love these little foot pads.They are best used stuck to clean and dry feet.I've bought these pads numerous times over the last 3 years or so and I can really tell a difference in how feeling after peel off the pads.the seller was great and delivered my order fast each time.
Niclas Mann
I have no any experience to use the foot pads, it's hot sale online and my friends around me also recommend the KINOKI to me.I ordered some boxes online and found that the pads themselves work really well and the adhesive is easy to tear off.Good start to try these interesting products.