In general, people fatigue can be divided into physical fatigue, mental fatigue and psychological fatigue.

First:physical fatigue Is mainly caused by improper excessive physical activity or exercise.the main symptoms is feel weakness, muscle pain but have a good spirits.

Some ways to ease these symptoms:

1.In order to relieve physical fatigue,you must be keep enough sleep, in addition,it's a good idea to make a shower,hot bubble foot and appropriate massage.

2.A sudden stop after strenuous exercise affects oxygen supplement and venous blood back-flow,to make the blood pressure lower,cause insufficient blood supply to your brain,it's not adverse to the functional recovery and eliminate fatigue,therefore should be slower the movement before end your activities,at the same time, take a deep breath.or do some quiet exercising,such as jogging,walk or go striding

3.appropriate diet,you'd better take the proper eating foods rich in calcium,potassium and vitamin B group.

Second: Brain fatigue,on the contrary with physical fatigue, caused by using your brain for long time,brain blood and oxygen supply shortfalls and fatigue.

The main symptoms,headache,memory reducing,couldn't pay attention to one point.

it's easy to solve these problems,you should do some exercise,go walking or have a rest to reduce the pressure of brain.eating some fruits to keep the enough nutrition.

Third: psychological fatigue

This fatigue was caused by a negative psychological,they are often anxiety,depression, lower appetite,sleepless and so on.

it's the best way to find friends to chat,also do some exercise and participate the recreational activities.

The main reason lead to psychological fatigue is too much pressure,we should learn to release your stress via do exercising,now our site supply the KINOKI Cleansing Detox Foot Pads,it's the best ways to eliminate your toxins out of body without exercising,and relieve your pressure effectively.try this products and keep your health.

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